Wine Tips

Wine Tips

Here are some wine tips that we hope you find useful.  Let us know if you have any specific questions, and the answer might become a new tip!

Tip #1 – To keep opened wine fresher longer, reduce the surface area touching the air.  Either store the open bottle upright, or better, pour the wine into a smaller glass bottle. Store in the fridge!

Tip #2 – To chill a bottle of wine quickly, put the bottle in a container of a 50/50 mixture of ice and salted water.  Should take about 15 minutes!

Tip #3 – Red wine should be served cooler than you think.  “Room temperature” means 60-65 degrees F.  For lighter reds, 55 degrees is better.

Tip #4 – Chances are you don’t need to age that bottle of wine. About 97% of wines are ready to be opened when you buy them.  So you can enjoy it now!

Tip #5 – Sparkling wines should be served between 45 degrees and 55 degrees F.