Victoria Miller, Founder

“Wine education and tasting in a lively interactive experience. No pretension, all fun!”

- Vicki Miller, Founder

Who we are

Vicki Miller is Vinocity's founder. After years of formal wine study, she decided to combine the best of two worlds - the educational aspects of wine courses with the social interaction of wine tastings. In a Vinocity event Vicki weaves the facts, figures and scientific aspects of winemaking into interesting stories about wine history and culture, all through an engaging and interactive experience.

What we do

Vinocity plans and hosts public events, corporate events and private wine tastings. We provide an educational and entertaining wine tasting experience. We tell the rich story of wine, from the grapes, to technology, to the natural perils that challenge the winemaker. And the tasting connects these stories to the wines. Guests come away feeling energized, more connected and just a bit like a wine expert, with information they can use the next time they select a wine.

Bonding Over Wine

Our Philosophies

Learn fascinating information that demystifies wine.

So many people want to know more about wine, so they can make a wine selection they are happier with and can expand their wine repertoire. At a Vinocity event guests come away with information they can use for their next wine selection, stories they can tell at their next cocktail party, and a feeling of being a bit like a wine expert.

Connect over a glass.

Connections are important, either at work or in our personal lives. Vinocity events are all designed to build and strengthen connections, whether during a corporate event, a private tasting party or at our monthly public events. Guests come away feeling more connected and energized.

Challenge your tastebuds.

Tastes and aromas are two of our most important sensations. At a Vinocity event you’ll become more in tune with your senses of smell and taste, all to the benefit of your enjoyment of wine. You’ll understand how much there is to discover from a simple glass of wine and how to enjoy your next glass to the fullest.

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